My Ex-Muslim Identity

I remember back when I initially left Islam, I literally thought I was the first and only one to do so. Islam was embedded so deep into my own identity and perception of myself that it acted as a cognitive filter, making it difficult to see anything through any other lens. An attack on Islam was an attack on my personal identity. I was very aware and proud of my Islamic heritage but the extent of its influence and how it had manifested itself was invisible to me; I didn’t even know leaving Islam was an option until I lost my last ounce of faith. Being a Muslim was deeply engrained into my national and social identity that I don’t think I will ever be able to shake off its presence completely.
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Socialist Alternative: Marxism Conference 2016

The Marxism Conference is a yearly event held here in Melbourne and is organised by the anti-capitalist Marxist organisation, Socialist Alternative. Every year, hundreds of people gather up at the conference to hear from activists, discuss ideas, and interact with the interstate members of the organisation. I frequently attend the conference to gain new perspectives and challenge my pre-existing views but unfortunately I always leave knowing that the members of Socialist Alternative are not as progressive as they paint themselves to be. Continue reading

The Regressive Left: An Ex-Muslim Perspective

As an Ex-Muslim, I’ve always found myself caught between regressive left apologists who label any criticism of Islam as Islamophobia, and the far right bigots who exploit genuine concerns of Islam to legitimise themselves and justify a pre-existing xenophobia. Now we can talk about the problems with the far right for days and still not make any progress so I’d like to focus on those towards the left of the political spectrum and how, by silencing any criticism of Islam, they are unintentionally suppressing the voices of many liberal and progressive Muslims, and people who have left the religion all together. Continue reading